Commercial location photographer

Commercial location photographer

A local Brighton company needed our services to help show case their work premises and tooling setup. We were recommended as the UK’s top commercial location photographer. The brief was simple, make the industrial unit look a little more special and bespoke. We spent the day working our way round cleaning, styling and photographing the whole operation.

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Being suckers for gadgets and tools the Capture Factory Photography team were in our element. The company had hydraulic presses, air tools, cutting apparatus, you name it, they had it.!Everything is assembled to order for customers around the UK.

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Best equipment & experience

To bring out the best in the photography we used our complete arsenal of equipment and experience. We always use the latest professional Nikon cameras and in this case we used Elinchrom flash heads and modifiers to create the mood we were after.

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With over 20 years experience in the industry, we worked efficiently to gain quality photography. Any ambiance that could not be portrayed on the shoot was generated later by our team of retouchers back at the Brighton HQ using high spec Apple computers. The shot of the outside of the warehouse has been extensively reworked. Cleaned up brick work, lighted windows, bright sunny sky, company logos were just a few things.

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From preparing the shoot, styling, photographing, to the editing, we’ve got it covered and with our expert team you’re sure to have images ready to use and promptly

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Our client was delighted with the end result and implemented the imagery on their website within minutes of receiving them.

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