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Invisible mannequin photography studio

We approach all of photography our jobs with a different angle, as one of the UK’s top invisible mannequin photography studio we have photographed everything from tights to tuxedos. Whether you are local to our Brighton photography studio or further a field, rest assured your clothing will be in best hands in the business.

Invisible mannequin photography studio

How it works

Upon receiving your garments on our highly training stylists check-in your products informing you the product has arrived at the studio. Items are then unpacked, prepped and styled ready to be photographed by one of our photographers. The invisible mannequin photography begins once the brief has been checked and industry standard equipment and of course our experience will be used to ensure you get the best possible quality imagery.

Invisible mannequin photography studio

Attention to detail

Whilst the photoshoot is taking place the images are farmed out to our in-house retouching team where they work their magic: cutting, snipping, layering, decreasing, tweaking and smoothing to produce beautiful perfectly colour matched imagery. We can produce perfect symmetry or create a looser more relaxed look. If a different coloured background is more your thing, no problem. We can do whatever is required to produce your perfect product photography.

Invisible mannequin photography studio

Professional & efficient

Using the latest professional Nikon cameras and lighting, and with over 20 years experience in the industry we will make your jewellery look amazing! From preparing the shoot, styling, photographing, to the editing, we’ve got it covered and with our expert team you’re sure to have images ready to use and promptly. Many of our clientele send their jewellery to our studio in the post for us to shoot remotely, but we are more than happy for you to come to the shoot! You can oversee the shoot advising on your preferences. Involving clients with our shoots is important and always a lot of fun.

Invisible mannequin photography studio

For more information

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