Mens clothing photography

Mens clothing photography

We offer a choice with Mens clothing photography, of how you’d like your them to be photographed at Capture Factory Brighton. For menswear, you can either have pack shots taken for you online shop, these are where the product is photographed against a clean white background, or another colour if you’d prefer!

Mens clothing photography, flat lay of green khaki male jacket with pockets

You can also have you clothes photographed on a model, either at our studio or if you have a particular location in mind, we’re more than happy to travel. You can also have you items photographed on a hanger, layer out flat, on a manequin, the list goes on! Pretty much anything is possible at Capture Factory.


Mens clothing photography. yellow gilet and purple t-shirt hanging on the wall from coat hangers

Video at Capture Factory

If you were looking to have a video made for some promo, or a GIF to liven up your social media & emails, we can do that for you too! A lot of our clients find moving image grabs the attention of their customers. You might be interested in our previous video shoot  for a men’s t shirt brand to add another string to your website’s bow.

360 Photography

And if you’d like to give your customers the possibility of seeing every angle possible for your products, then our 360 Photography service is what you’re looking for. We take a number of photos at different angles then put them together to create a short video, showcasing your product at every angle!

Mens clothing photography, invisible mannequin photo of a green check blazer with blue jeans folded

Industry standard equipment

At Capture Factory we use Nikon D810’s and we shoot all of images to our Apple 27″ iMacs or MacBooks which allows instant feedback and image review for our clients. Once all the images are reviewed by the client we have a team of in-house photo retouchers tweak, twist, clean up and polish the images so they are perfect.

We work closely with model agencies so can recommend appropriate choices for your shoot, as well as having connections with various hairdressers and makeup artists. So if you are looking for a model fashion photographer to help your fashion brand stand out from the crowd, then give us a ring.

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