Model Fashion Photography

Impressed by our model fashion photography and want to know more?

For this latest model fashion photography shoot, we had the pleasure of working with Collective Boutique. Their current scarf collection was the focus of the shoot and we went for a simple yet striking style. The bold and plain jade green background adds a pop of colour which makes a unique change from the traditional white of grey backdrop. Then pair it with a head and shoulders shot of the model and you’ve got an elegant and bold fashion photo! We have lots of experience in fashion photography, you might like our¬†dramatic fashion shoot¬†images.

We work closely with model agencies so can recommend appropriate choices for your shoot, as well as having connections with various hairdressers and makeup artists. For this shoot, a white blonde bob and dark smokey eye makeup was perfect.

So if you are looking for a model fashion photographer to help your fashion brand stand out from the crowd, then give us a ring.

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