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From simple pack shots to location fashion photo shoots, video, 360 product photography, e-com and everything in-between, Capture Factory Photography has it covered. Our dedicated team of photographers, videographers, stylists and retouchers will help you achieve the perfect imagery to suit every budget. We are a UK Commercial photography studio based in Brighton, Sussex covering all of the UK. Our large Brighton studio is located 10mins walk from Brighton train station.

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Cyclewear photography at Capture Factory Brighton

Cyclewear photography at our Brighton HQ

Our head photographer Rory worked on some cyclewear photography recently. Our client wanted the prints and colours in the garments to be used as the background of the images and it worked really well. Take a look at how they turned out here.

Cyclewear photography, male cyclist wearing black lycra top, hat and gloves

Fun colours and cool prints

These colours and prints work really well together when they’re sitting side by side. The images look great on our clients social media platforms and their website. It was all photographed at our Brighton studio by the sea. Many of our shoots are photographed here at the Capture Factory HQ, so if you ever pop in you’ll probably see our photographers in action!

Cyclewear photography, female model wears pink cycling top, hat and gloves

Model shots & invisible mannequin for their online shop

For this shoot our client had already sent the garments in the post so we could photograph their invisible mannequin shots before the model shoot. This is a really popular way a lot of our clients like to work when they book model shoots with us, it’s so that the invisible mannequin images are edited and ready shortly after the model shoot, then they can upload the images at the same time onto their website.

Check out our invisible mannequin photography page for more information about it

Cyclewear photography, women's black and white printed cyclewear

Add some excitement to your website

While we do a lot of stills photography at Capture Factory we do also plenty of moving image such as 360 videos, promotional video material, stop motion animations and GIFS. Moving image is a fantastic way to engage with your customers, it keeps them on you site for longer and you can portray a lot of information in a video.

Take a look at our Stop Motion & Video Production page to find out more

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5 reasons why professional photography is important for your business

Why having professional photography is important for your business

Many people don’t realise how important investing in professional photography is for your business. We have many clients who have come to Capture Factory after trying to do it themselves and soon realised it can be a lot harder than you might think to achieve the quality you’re after. Whether it’s the equipment available to you or the knowledge of how to use it, or if it’s down to the styling to fit your vision, a professional photographer will be able to help in these areas. We explore 5 reasons why professional photography is so important for your business:

professional photography, Brighton photographer, Sussex model photoshoot, male model wearing a white tank top

1. Standing out from the crowd

There’s an abundance of websites and businesses out there, some of which may be offering a service like yours so you’ll really want to stand out from the crowd. What better way to entice people to yours than with visuals. Beautifully striking photography with styling that suits your vision will strengthen your brand and online presence.

2. Getting found on the web

Photography can really help you get found through Google searches. You can optimize your photos on your website so they can be found through the image search results and perform better on search engines.

3. Engaging with your customers

Letting people who’d like to know more about your business and photography is an excellent way to engage with your customers. Photos of your products, behind the scenes, models wearing your clothing or jewellery, location shoots and packshots are all ways to show your customers more about your business. Photos can help you build your brand on social media and be featured on blog posts, all of which help you build a relationship with your customers.

4. Saving you and your business time

Many magazines and brochures be that online or printed require a certain quality of image which professional photography will always match and exceed. It saves you time by hiring a professional photographer because you’re handing the job over to them. While they’re photographing, you can be getting on with other aspects of your business, your photographer will know the specs needed and will always provide sharp and eye catching imagery that are ready to use online or send to publishers.

5. First impressions

It might be tempting to take photos yourself or find alternatives to hiring a photographer, but if your photos are unprofessional and don’t represent your brand this will reflect your business. It can tell your customers other aspects of your business may be unprofessional too. Your photography will be the first thing people see when looking at your website or social media, so make a good first impression!

professional photography, jewellery watch photography

Still not sure? Try out our free trial & see how good professional photography really is for your business.

If you’re still not convinced about investing in professional photography, how about trying our Free Photography Trial. This is an excellent way to see what Capture Factory can do for your business. Simply send us a product in the post and we’ll prep, style, shoot & edit to your requirements. We’ll then send you over the watermarked samples so you can get an idea of what we can do and choose if you want to go ahead with booking a shoot.

professional photography, Food & Drink Photography, commercial photograph for crisps against a black background

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For a quote or to talk through your next project call our Brighton studio on: 01273 958464

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Stylish fashion photoshoot for British designer at Capture Factory

Stylish fashion photoshoot for British designer at Capture Factory

Capture Factory recently worked on a stylish fashion photoshoot for a designer that makes these timeless garments. Ranging from dresses, jeans, jumpers and tops, the fabrics are all made from quality materials and each piece is unique. Going against the throwaway time we’re living in, this brand wants to step away from that, and design clothes that will still be worn decades from now by creating well-made classic garments. Capture Factory photographed their recent collection for their online shop, we provided both the invisible mannequin photography and model shots.

Take a look at our Invisible Mannequin Photography page here

Stylish fashion photoshoot, model wearing black strapless Summer dress

Working with your branding

Capture Factory understand the importance of your brand’s aesthetic and continuity with your photography, so when it comes to working with us we’re more than happy to follow any specific styling and shooting requirements you might have. You might think invisible mannequin photography is the same for each brand but actually each company we work with has their own requirements with how they like their garments to sit on the mannequin and to be edited, this is so their images fit nicely together on their website making the user experience a lot easier.

Stylish fashion photoshoot, female model wears blue and white linen top

Help finding a model

For this shoot our client already knew which model she was going to use for the shoot, but if you need a helping hand with finding the right model for you brand we can help source one for you. We can also point you in the right direction to a number of modelling agencies we work with and that we always recommend to our clients. It doesn’t stop there either, we can book a make up artist for you too and scout out the right location for your shoot if you wanted to take it out of the studio!

Stylish fashion photoshoot, female model wearing pink culottes and grey shirt

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For a quote or to talk through your next project call our Brighton studio on: 01273 958464

Email: info@capturefactory.co.uk


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