360 Product Photography Studio

At Capture Factory we know just how to make your product really look its best, and what better way than to see it at every angle possible! We offer a highly professional service where you can showcase your products to your customers in a 360° angle! This enables the viewer to step inside the image and see it as if they’re actually with it!

Suspended animations

Capture Factory can create suspended animations of your products, allowing your customers to view incredible 360 product photography videos of the items. We’ve heavily invested in 360 degree product video technology allowing your customers to see more of your products with one click. Here at Capture Factory Photography we strive to bring highest quality 360 degree product photography at the most competitive price.


Fully customisable

Capture Factory Photography 360 Videos are fully customisable, with a huge amount of options. You can click on the Hot Spots on the image below for further product information and details in the images. This is a fantastic way for your customer to really engage with the product without the need to be with it, therefore minimising returns or exchanges in your business.


Model and clothing 360 videos

Let your customer see the how the garments fit on a live model with or without movement. We can do pretty much anything such as:

  • Add a zoom function
  • Including annotation such as a weblink or item information
  • Create custom backgrounds
  • Specific retouching on the product


Macro 360 videos

For super detail that pack-shots alone do not cover.


Supported products

Showing the correct shape and every detail. This particular example shows the different options available combined in one video.


Show every detail!

We can create animations inside animations, when you need to show your potential customers all the inner workings. Click on the moving annotations on this 360 product photography to see the moving parts.


Super Size your detail with 2 axis 360 rotations!

This 2 axis rotation shows every aspect of the product – leaving nothing to the imagination. Reduce your customer queries or returns with all the visual information they could ever want.


Other 360 alternatives…

We also offer smooth video 360 rotations as an another option for video content on your website.

Check out this 360 watch video we did:

Send your products to us!

We are the only 360 product photography studio in Brighton, East Sussex. If you are further afield, we cover all of the mainland UK with a fast and secure courier service. We can photograph everything from jewellery to people. Not only does a 360 video bring life to your website, it allows the viewer to interact with the product. Whether it be 4 or 200 shots, rest assured we can make your products look at their best. Our 360 videos work across all platforms and web browsers using the latest HTML5 technology.

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