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On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot

On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot at the Beach!

Here at Capture Factory, we wanted to give you a little bit of insight into our most recent on location jewellery photo shoot. One of our clients requested that their jewellery got shot on the beach, and of course, we were immediately on board with the idea! On location shoots tend to be the most fun, as you are in a whole new environment and are able to experience an idea come to life with the help of professional photographers and equipment. Here are the main characteristics of an on location shoot with us and what we provide!

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model holds hands in front of her face


In this particular case, the client provided their own model. However, it is very common for clients to come to us for advice on the best models to hire to showcase their products.  We work closely with a trusted modelling agency to provide us with the best models at competitive prices. We aim to satisfy the clients’ needs in terms of what they request in the physical attributes of a model. This will help set the tone for the style of the photoshoot and for the particular products. For this location jewellery photo shoot we only used one model to wear all of the jewellery. This is because we wanted to keep it simple and showcase how each piece would look in a consistent manner. We also provided a talented makeup artist and hair stylist to complete the look.

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model wears earrings

Pack Shots

On top of providing the model shots for our client, we also provided pack shots of the individual products. All of your products are shot at our Brighton HQ by our lovely and talented team. Having detailed in-studio shots of the jewellery is just as important as having an on location jewellery photo shoot. This way your potential clients are able to experience the products in multiple ways, both worn and also displayed on a clear background. Click here to take a look at our other blog post lifestyle jewellery photography!

on location jewellery photo shoot, pearl earrings on white background in studio shoot

Finding The Location

When it comes to actually choosing a location and deciding whether or not it is plausible, our team here at Capture Factory is always here to provide help. We will advise you on what we think would be the perfect location to shoot your products. We have a lot of experience in this area, so you are assured to be provided with a professional and high quality service and result. For this shoot, our client beach would be a beautiful and suited location and we knew the ideal spot! Additionally to the location, we also provide our clients with the best equipment including cameras, lights and props.

on location jewellery photo shoot, blonde woman on beach wearing necklace and touching her hair

Video Content

As well as providing you with a great on location jewellery photo shoot, we also offer video content. This is a chance to flaunt your product not just in still life but in movement too. Video is being used more and more by business to make advertising more interesting. As well as photography, Capture Factory is a leading Sussex video production company. We create beautiful videos for your business all according to your particular requests. If you have any ideas just give us a call and we can discuss them! Click here for an example of our work!

Give us a call

We believe it is important to deliver the best service for you and your company. This is why we aim to offer an array of services to our clients. If you want to try something new or have an idea for a location or in-studio shoot don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call! (all contact details below). We will try our best to give you the result that you want with the use of our experience and talented team.

For more information

Take a look at our other blog post to find out more about our jewellery product photography!

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Our Must Have Accessories for this Summer

Our Top 5 Must Have Accessories for this Summer!

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, it’s time for us to share some of our must have accessories for this season. Nobody was expecting this sudden heatwave in the UK, but now that it’s here it’s time to enjoy the warm weather and look glamorous! Here at Capture Factory we have compiled a list of our top 5 accessory essentials that we’ve photographed and that we think will help spice up all your summer outfits.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, photography studio Brighton triple mannequin photography showing a red romper, white dress and green bikini all with tropical floral prints


This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how much difference a pair of sunglasses can do. It can be just what you need to make an outfit go from mediocre to stylish. Whether you are wearing the glasses to actually protect your eyes, wearing them on your head or have them hanging over the neckline of your shirt, they will for sure make an impact. They also serve a practical use, of course, for those days where your eyes just can’t take the blinding sun rays. Sunglasses come in so many shapes and sizes that you will definitely find a pair that suits you! This is why we have added them to our list of must have accessories. To find out more about the shoot we worked on for the picture below click here.

Temporary Tattoos

Although unusual, temporary tattoos have been on the rise recently. They allow you to experiment without having a permanent commitment! Temporary tattoos are very popular at summer festivals and other events where people love to stand out. They become must have accessories in the warm weather as people love to flaunt them with their fresh summer tan. You can use them subtly as a replacement for jewellery or simply as an add-on to your look. This shot below was taken by Capture Factory for a temporary tattoo company.


These are essentially scarves for the summer. For when it reaches the lower temperatures in the evenings or for those windier summer days, it is always handy to stay a little warmer in a fashionable way. Foulards fall into your must have accessories if you want to embellish your outfit and also be practical. You can of course wear them around your neck, but you could also use them to cover yourself if you get cold, like a versatile blanket, but not as heavy! They are usually made from a thin material and come in hundreds of colours and patterns. Check out this behind the scenes video on a scarves fashion shoot at Capture Factory Photography.

must have accessories, on location beach photoshoot with blonde model wearing scarf and looking out at sea


When it comes to hats, not everybody will be a fan. It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect one that will suit you, but once you do you will never want to take it off! We found that the most popular summer hat is the straw hat, or just a simple cap. Hats are such a bold statement that they can either make or break an outfit. Hence the importance of carefully combining it with your outfit to complement it rather than making it too cluttered. Hats are great to protect yourself from the heat and are a great accessory, it’s the best of both worlds! The shot below was taken by our head photographer Rory for a hats brand in central Brighton.

Cover Ups

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning something for all those lucky people who will be spending some time at the beach this summer, cover ups. As the name suggests, these are simply garments that are worn over swimwear. With the temperatures rising, cover ups are great for when you don’t want to fully dress up after the beach or pool but are happy to lounge in something more than just a bikini. You can stay fresh by still looking stylish, what could be better? The photograph below is from a fashion e-commerce shoot taken at our Brighton studio.

Female modelling summer bikini cover up fashion shoot

In the summer, it is quite easy to feel limited when it comes to composing an outfit as layering is not an option. This is why accessories are a great way to spice up your outfits and make you feel fashionable! If you would like to have a look at our latest on location swimwear shoot click here

For more information

Take a look at our top picks for summer invisible mannequin photography

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Fancy stuff! Images from our shoot with a designer watch brand

Beautiful watch by a designer watch brandPhotoshoot for a designer watch brand

A designer watch brand asked us to do their photography and we were, of course, happy to help!


Watches make great accessories and we always do our best du capture the perfect imagery of the items.

Because watches use to contain pieces of glass, it can be challenge to capture a good picture without reflections. But we have a lot experience in shooting these items, so this was no challenge for us.


Our specialised team prepared, shot and edited the watches and sent back the items to the client within a day.

This service always makes our clients happy and convinces them to come back to us if they ever need any more imagery.



Contact us

You want us to do your photography?

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Check out our image for a grooming products brand

Photoshoot for a grooming products brand

When this great grooming products brand asked us to do the imagery for their website, we expected an “usual” product shoot.

Well, it turned out, that grooming products need special treatment. This is a result of the different intention. Compared to a jewellery product shot, images of cosmetic products need to convey of what’s inside the package. The images should present the effect, scent, texture, etc. of the product. Only then, customers will be willing to buy it.

In conclusion, one could say shots of grooming products go “under the surface”.

Of course our team mastered this challenge well and our clients are really happy with the result!

Product shot for a grooming products brand

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Another great watch shoot in our photography studio

Interesting watch shoot

Check out this great watch shoot we have done! We have a steady tide of product photography that constantly flows in and out of our busy Brighton studio. This week we’ve been busy catching up with the rather large backlog of trial shoots that have suddenly sprung up from nowhere. No complaining, we love being busy! 🙂

Watch shoot 1

Based on the quality of past watch photography trial shoots we have done, a watch designer asked us to shoot their beautiful watches. From the moment we opened the boxes we knew that we were in for a challenge. When it comes to watches there are so many elements to be aware of. For example: reflections, textures and the overall quality of workmanship that need to be captured in such a specific way.

Thankfully, watch photography is an area we have a good deal of expertise in. Our dedicated product photography shoot area is the perfect place to shoot them in. We were happy with the results and so was our new client!

Watch shoot 2

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Special product photography in our Brighton studio

Instruments product photography

We have done a lot of different product photography jobs this summer. It would be hard to pick out a favourite product but if we had to, it would be this flute. We shot it for a luxury woodwind instrument company based in London last week. It was a very interesting object to shoot and posed some lighting challenges with how the light reflected off the polished valves and mouthpieces.

Flute product photography


The client had spent a while shopping around in London for the best product photography service with the best pricing but was not happy with any of the quotes. They believed they were taking a risk in outsourcing the work somewhere outside of the capital. But they forgot that they were dealing with the biggest and best name in Brighton product photography!

Upon receiving their images they were particularly happy with the quality and the focus on details in the instruments.

We were happy to leave another happy client with outstanding imagery. 🙂


Find out more about our work, visit our portfolio.

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Watch photography Sussex – Beautiful English watches

Watch photography Sussex / Brighton

Watch photography Sussex / BrightonOutstanding watch photography in Sussex

Watch photography in Sussex, especially in Brighton, is our thing! We pride ourselves in being the most diverse Brighton photography studio and this month is no exception. Our range of services goes from photographing beautiful models to exquisite watches.

We originally shot the 360 video of the beautiful polished stainless steel limited edition Schofield watch earlier this year. The matt black was in our studio running up to christmas for the same treatment. We also shot extra shots of the polished bezel at the same time.


Some details about the watches from our client:

The two models are called the Signalman GMT PR and the Signalman DLC GMT PR.
The former limited to 300 the later to 100.
They are both stainless steel the former mirror polished the later coated in DLC which is Diamond Like Carbon. 
The movements are Swiss the cases are patented and made in Germany


The passion our client has really shining through, not only in the quality of their watches but the direction they want the imagery to follow. Our brief was to capture a moody and dramatic feel without gimmicks and to highlight the bezel and face.

Our client was made up with the outcome….unfortunately we couldn’t keep the watches. Hopefully santa is reading our blog. 😉

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