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On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot

On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot at the Beach!

Here at Capture Factory, we wanted to give you a little bit of insight into our most recent on location jewellery photo shoot. One of our clients requested that their jewellery got shot on the beach, and of course, we were immediately on board with the idea! On location shoots tend to be the most fun, as you are in a whole new environment and are able to experience an idea come to life with the help of professional photographers and equipment. Here are the main characteristics of an on location shoot with us and what we provide!

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model holds hands in front of her face


In this particular case, the client provided their own model. However, it is very common for clients to come to us for advice on the best models to hire to showcase their products.  We work closely with a trusted modelling agency to provide us with the best models at competitive prices. We aim to satisfy the clients’ needs in terms of what they request in the physical attributes of a model. This will help set the tone for the style of the photoshoot and for the particular products. For this location jewellery photo shoot we only used one model to wear all of the jewellery. This is because we wanted to keep it simple and showcase how each piece would look in a consistent manner. We also provided a talented makeup artist and hair stylist to complete the look.

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model wears earrings

Pack Shots

On top of providing the model shots for our client, we also provided pack shots of the individual products. All of your products are shot at our Brighton HQ by our lovely and talented team. Having detailed in-studio shots of the jewellery is just as important as having an on location jewellery photo shoot. This way your potential clients are able to experience the products in multiple ways, both worn and also displayed on a clear background. Click here to take a look at our other blog post lifestyle jewellery photography!

on location jewellery photo shoot, pearl earrings on white background in studio shoot

Finding The Location

When it comes to actually choosing a location and deciding whether or not it is plausible, our team here at Capture Factory is always here to provide help. We will advise you on what we think would be the perfect location to shoot your products. We have a lot of experience in this area, so you are assured to be provided with a professional and high quality service and result. For this shoot, our client beach would be a beautiful and suited location and we knew the ideal spot! Additionally to the location, we also provide our clients with the best equipment including cameras, lights and props.

on location jewellery photo shoot, blonde woman on beach wearing necklace and touching her hair

Video Content

As well as providing you with a great on location jewellery photo shoot, we also offer video content. This is a chance to flaunt your product not just in still life but in movement too. Video is being used more and more by business to make advertising more interesting. As well as photography, Capture Factory is a leading Sussex video production company. We create beautiful videos for your business all according to your particular requests. If you have any ideas just give us a call and we can discuss them! Click here for an example of our work!

Give us a call

We believe it is important to deliver the best service for you and your company. This is why we aim to offer an array of services to our clients. If you want to try something new or have an idea for a location or in-studio shoot don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call! (all contact details below). We will try our best to give you the result that you want with the use of our experience and talented team.

For more information

Take a look at our other blog post to find out more about our jewellery product photography!

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Sussex 360 product photography for local gin supplier

Sussex 360 product photography for local artisan gin

Take a look at our Sussex 360 product photography, recently we were approached by a local gin supplier to provide them with a video and imagery for their artisan gin bottle. This product was launched in 2016, and is unique to other gin suppliers because of the way in which the gin is processed.  They make use of the unused grape juice produced by the grape harvest in Sussex. Using this by-product reduces waste and is environmentally friendly. Additional flavours that are infused in this grape-based spirit include the likes of bitter orange, coriander, juniper and many more delicious ingredients.

Check out our 360 Photography page here to find out more

Carefully crafted packaging

The bottle itself has been carefully designed and crafted teaming up with designers & illustrators to help create the packaging. They have used the elegant shape of a burgundy style wine bottle to echo the fact it’s a grape-based spirit, and it has been screen printed with a precious metal ink along with a white ceramic ink. There are lots of details to this beautiful bottle such as the illustration of vine leaves climbing up the bottle, the copper sheen of the logo and the fox design.

Capturing the details

Our brief was to photograph each bottle and their custom made brooch as they provide a gift version of the gin, miniature bottles and the fox logo as a brooch. We were also asked to create a 360 video showing the bottle turning around so you can see every angle and detail. These videos are a great way for you to really show off your amazing products.

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You might want to have a look at our Portfolio in order to find out more.

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Fashion catwalk videos for online shopping

Capture Factory shoot a range of fashion catwalk videos

Online shopping now has a whole new experience with fashion catwalk videos. ASOS were the first leading retailers to start this trend, and since it’s been a hit for customers, this is because it shows off the garment in a whole new way. For example you can see the way the fabric flows while the model is walking, you can see the length of the clothing, and how it might fit your body shape. Last month we shot a collection of catwalk videos alongside model photography and invisible mannequin

Photography & video in one

Our client had a specific backdrop in mind, so we helped source this and it worked perfectly. It added some more character to the videos without distracting from the clothing. We had two set ups in the studio, one for taking the catwalk videos and then when this was finished we’d change the lighting and photograph the model of still photography. We had already taken their invisible mannequin and accessory shots, so these were being edited while the shoot was happening by our team of retouchers.

Fashion catwalk videos, blue long layered and beaded dress worn by a female model

Some light re-touching then they’re ready to send

After the shoot, some light retouching was involved just to simply remove marks on the floor, soften the skin slightly and any noticeable creases in the garments were removed, then everything was sent off to our client web-ready for them to upload and share straight away. Capture Factory has a 72 hour turn around so there’s no waiting, and if you need your photos sooner, there’s the Capture Priority which is a 24 hour turn around!

Fashion catwalk videos, beaded black and silver short dress worn by model

Want to add catwalk videos to your website?

If you’re looking to add these fantastic catwalk videos to your business, give us a call or drop us an email to chat about your ideas, we’d love to hear them! We  also shoot promo videos where we can use our 4K drone for aerial and panoramic shots. Check out our Drone Showreel here. Or if you’re looking to have some fun Gifs we can create a stop motion animations to show off your products in a playful way, perfect for Instagram.

For more information

You might want to have a look at our Portfolio in order to find out more.

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Handmade homeware photography for macrame planters

Capture Factory shoot handmade homeware photography for a local designer

Recently, we’ve had macrame planters in the studio for some handmade homeware photography. These planters are made by a local designer with 100% cotton rope which has all been produced in the UK. We wanted to capture the intricate knots in the contemporary macrame hangers. The designer sells these online and stocks many shops and cafes. It doesn’t stop at hangers, Brighton-designer also creates beautiful baskets which are perfect for keeping your vegetables in.

Capturing the detail

This particular client wanted pack shots of her products and provided the planters, house plants and vegetables to use as props. We shot a selection of photos for each product including an image of the full macrame hanging and detail shots of the planters to capture the knots and quality of the rope.

Homeware photography of macrame hanger with pot and plant

Shot in the Capture Factory studio

Our studio is fully equipped for any kind of shoot, we can build sets for large scale shoots, photograph models, bicycles & sports equipment, jewellery and so much more. We don’t just stay in the studio, some clients require location shoots, recently we’ve worked in the Surrey countryside for a cycle company to create a new promo video. We’ve along the coast in Rottingdean & Cambersands shooting for a scarves designer and a lingerie company. We’ve also been shooting in hotels for a clients new range of wash bags. If you didn’t know already, we offer video production and there’s the option of using our 4K Drone for your shoot if it’s on location. This enables you to capture fantastic aerial views of the scenery around to really make your photography or video stand out.

Homeware photography of a mini macrame planter & house plant

Fancy giving it a go?

We give new clients the choice to ‘try before you buy’ with our Free Trial. All you have to do is send us a product in the post with your requirements, then we’ll style, shoot, edit and send you the sample images. Simple! This is a great way to see how we work and whether we’ll be right for your business.

For more information

You might want to have a look at our Portfolio in order to find out more.

Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date!

For a quote or to talk through your project call our Brighton studio on: 01273 958464


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Scarves lookbook photography in our Brighton studio

Scarves lookbook photography

Some of our favourite lookbook shoots is this scarves lookbook photography! Those shoots are always so different and varied.

We had a very exciting time this week in the studio shooting a new lookbook for a local scarf designer. She created intricately illustrated printed scarves and wanted edgy images to present them. Therefore, we wanted to create something completely magical and different from all the others to showcase her designs.

Our stylists came up with various ideas of how to portray them best. We ended up throwing scarves all over the studio as our beautiful model posed below. We have the best Nikon equipment which allows us to quickly capture many images. This is very important as we were creating movement with the scarves but still needed to capture high quality images without any blur.

Scarves lookbook photography - model shoot

After the styled shoot we went on to photograph her products for use on her website, with both model shots and product shots to really show off her designs.

Scarves lookbook photography - product shots

Have a look at the Behind the Scenes video from this shoot!

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