Sussex 360 product photography for local gin supplier

Sussex 360 product photography for local artisan gin

Take a look at our Sussex 360 product photography, recently we were approached by a local gin supplier to provide them with a video and imagery for their artisan gin bottle. This product was launched in 2016, and is unique to other gin suppliers because of the way in which the gin is processed.  They make use of the unused grape juice produced by the grape harvest in Sussex. Using this by-product reduces waste and is environmentally friendly. Additional flavours that are infused in this grape-based spirit include the likes of bitter orange, coriander, juniper and many more delicious ingredients.

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Carefully crafted packaging

The bottle itself has been carefully designed and crafted teaming up with designers & illustrators to help create the packaging. They have used the elegant shape of a burgundy style wine bottle to echo the fact it’s a grape-based spirit, and it has been screen printed with a precious metal ink along with a white ceramic ink. There are lots of details to this beautiful bottle such as the illustration of vine leaves climbing up the bottle, the copper sheen of the logo and the fox design.

Capturing the details

Our brief was to photograph each bottle and their custom made brooch as they provide a gift version of the gin, miniature bottles and the fox logo as a brooch. We were also asked to create a 360 video showing the bottle turning around so you can see every angle and detail. These videos are a great way for you to really show off your amazing products.

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