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On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot

On Location Jewellery Photo Shoot at the Beach!

Here at Capture Factory, we wanted to give you a little bit of insight into our most recent on location jewellery photo shoot. One of our clients requested that their jewellery got shot on the beach, and of course, we were immediately on board with the idea! On location shoots tend to be the most fun, as you are in a whole new environment and are able to experience an idea come to life with the help of professional photographers and equipment. Here are the main characteristics of an on location shoot with us and what we provide!

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model holds hands in front of her face


In this particular case, the client provided their own model. However, it is very common for clients to come to us for advice on the best models to hire to showcase their products.  We work closely with a trusted modelling agency to provide us with the best models at competitive prices. We aim to satisfy the clients’ needs in terms of what they request in the physical attributes of a model. This will help set the tone for the style of the photoshoot and for the particular products. For this location jewellery photo shoot we only used one model to wear all of the jewellery. This is because we wanted to keep it simple and showcase how each piece would look in a consistent manner. We also provided a talented makeup artist and hair stylist to complete the look.

on location jewellery photo shoot, brunette model wears earrings

Pack Shots

On top of providing the model shots for our client, we also provided pack shots of the individual products. All of your products are shot at our Brighton HQ by our lovely and talented team. Having detailed in-studio shots of the jewellery is just as important as having an on location jewellery photo shoot. This way your potential clients are able to experience the products in multiple ways, both worn and also displayed on a clear background. Click here to take a look at our other blog post lifestyle jewellery photography!

on location jewellery photo shoot, pearl earrings on white background in studio shoot

Finding The Location

When it comes to actually choosing a location and deciding whether or not it is plausible, our team here at Capture Factory is always here to provide help. We will advise you on what we think would be the perfect location to shoot your products. We have a lot of experience in this area, so you are assured to be provided with a professional and high quality service and result. For this shoot, our client beach would be a beautiful and suited location and we knew the ideal spot! Additionally to the location, we also provide our clients with the best equipment including cameras, lights and props.

on location jewellery photo shoot, blonde woman on beach wearing necklace and touching her hair

Video Content

As well as providing you with a great on location jewellery photo shoot, we also offer video content. This is a chance to flaunt your product not just in still life but in movement too. Video is being used more and more by business to make advertising more interesting. As well as photography, Capture Factory is a leading Sussex video production company. We create beautiful videos for your business all according to your particular requests. If you have any ideas just give us a call and we can discuss them! Click here for an example of our work!

Give us a call

We believe it is important to deliver the best service for you and your company. This is why we aim to offer an array of services to our clients. If you want to try something new or have an idea for a location or in-studio shoot don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call! (all contact details below). We will try our best to give you the result that you want with the use of our experience and talented team.

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Take a look at our other blog post to find out more about our jewellery product photography!

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Behind The Scenes of Our Photoshoots!

What truly goes on behind the scenes of our photoshoots?

Having a professional and passionate team working behind the scenes of our photoshoots is very important, you would be amazed at the amount of detail that goes behind the scenes of every photoshoot. This is in order to get the best results. Here at Capture Factory we make sure to deliver to the highest possible standard. It’s not as easy as it seems and it is certainly a lot more time consuming than you would think. We thought it would be fun to reveal to you what goes on behind the scenes of our photoshoots!


From the opening of packages to the final product, we try to deliver our best efforts. Our team always start by carefully opening up and organising all the clothes that gets sent to us. It then gets hung up in correlation to what is going to be shot first. First of all, before anything is shot we receive clear instructions on how the company wants their clothes to be presented in the image. We then go ahead and steam all the items of clothing to ensure that they look flawless and lack any imperfections! 

Styling the garments

The process changes based on whether the clothes are worn by a model, shot on a mannequin or pinned on a white board. If we have models that have come in to wear the clothing, we have professional help hired with them. From makeup artists to hair stylists we want to hire the best team to contribute to the behind the scenes of our photoshoots. We also work closely with a trusted modelling agency to provide us with the best models at competitive prices. Lighting, sets and good equipment are also of major importance as these elements are the basis to a good quality photograph. 

Behind the scenes of our photoshoots, brunette model sitting down with eyes closed getting makeup done in black and white

Attention to detail

It’s not enough to just throw the clothes on a mannequin, you need to meticulously position the clothing correctly in response to what the client wants, get the perfect angle and style the items so it looks at its best. The attention to detail could be as little as a crease in a T-shirt or a label poking out. You need plenty of time and patience to create something that will tick all the boxes and satisfy clients requests, which is why it’s best not to leave booking a shoot until last minute.


We hope this gave you a little bit of insight of the behind the scenes of our photoshoots, what you see in the final result doesn’t always come easy! Were you expecting this much level of work? Would you like more behind the scenes content from us? We are always busy and working hard on something here at our Brighton HQ. You can book your desired photoshoots with us anytime. Just contact our lovely team and we will make sure to do our best to guide you through every step of the way. You can find more of our exciting behind the scenes content by clicking here

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UK jewellery photographer

UK jewellery photographer

If you’re looking for a UK jewellery photographer then Capture Factory is the studio for you. Jewellery photography requires specific skills and equipment to gain the high standard and professional imagery needed to show the items off at their best. With the expertise knowledge, years of experience and high-end equipment Capture Factory Photography can create stunning imagery of any kind of jewellery. Our prices are competitive and always kept as low as possible, there’s a high level of work involved such as focus stacking, colour manipulation, using the correct equipment such as tilt shift lenses and having the eye for producing great quality imagery.

Where can the images be used

Anywhere! The images Capture Factory have worked on will have appeared in numerous places such as magazines, websites, posters and social media. We can also create moving image content such as videos, stop motion animation and Gifs. Our 360 Photography service is perfect for jewellery because if enables customers to see the piece at every angle possible.

No middle man

Everything is done at our Brighton HQ from the styling, photography & editing, so if our clients have any questions or queries they can speak directly to their photographer or editor. After we send the final edits through we’re more than happy to make any further adjustments, tweaks or colour changes if this is required – we’re not happy until our client is happy!

Jewellery photography with a model

As well as creating professional product photography of jewellery Capture Factory often work on model shoots, these images are great for customers to visualise how the jewellery will sit on the body, they’re also beautiful images to add to websites, use in pricing catalogues and share on social media.

UK jewellery photographer, Jewellery e-commerce photography shoot for Amazon showing a headshot of a female model wearing silver earrings

For more information

Take a look this blog post about a model jewellery photoshoot at the studio

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UK invisible mannequin fashion photography

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography for e-comm

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography is an area that Capture Factory specialise in. Being one of the leading invisible mannequin photography studios in the country we work with many clients from as near as Brighton to as far afield as Scotland. For many years now we’ve been providing high quality invisible mannequin (or ghost mannequin) imagery for hundreds of boutiques, fashion houses, designers and high street shops nationally.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, Brighton photography & video, invisible mannequin photography of black lingerie

Prepping, photography & editing to create the perfect image

Our expert team of photographers, stylists and editors are at hand for every shoot, we’ll always prep the garments by carefully steaming them so they look perfect before our stylist dresses the mannequin, the garment is then photographed with the correct lighting and processed using industry standard software to be handed over to our in-house editors to colour correct, de-dust, cut, flip and work their Photoshop magic to create the perfect image of the garment.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, Invisible mannequin winter fashion photography, tan coat, grey cape and parka

Excellent quality control

Quality control is very important to us at Capture Factory, we understand how essential consistency and continuity is for your business’ image. We always make sure the images will look their absolute best when placed next to each other on your website so it flows smoothly on the eye thus creating a better shopping experience for your customer. Our excellent high standards are always met for every image.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, UK Commercial photography studio, invisible mannequin photography of cycling wear

360 fashion photography

Give your customers an online shopping experience like no other with our 360 photography service! This is an excellent way for your garment to be seen at every angle possible letting your customers feel like they’re really with it. Our 360 photography page will give you all the information you need to know regarding this innovative photography service.

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Take a look at our invisible mannequin photographer page to find out more

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Shooting a bike & cycle wear location video in Surrey

Capture Factory shoot a bike & cycle wear location video

Earlier this year we worked on a bike & cycle wear location video for one of a prestigious cycle company. The location couldn’t be more perfect as it was filmed around Boxhill and the Surrey Hills which is an iconic cycle route and also part of the Olympics.

bike & cycle wear location video, group of cyclists riding along a country lane

At the crack of dawn the car was packed with all of our photography, video and Drone equipment and our specialists made their way to the beautiful countryside in Surrey. We were hired as a multi media team to shoot their promotional material including a short video along with taking still images for use online, print & social media. Their new range of cycle wear and bicycles were being used by professional models and cyclists, so they were having as much fun as us!

Combine photography & video on the same shoot

We brought our 4K drone which our head photographer, Rory, is CAA approved to use for commercial purposes. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that’s non-obtrusive and meant we were able to capture aerial and panoramic shots. We were lucky with the picturesque summers day and the lighting was perfect, from sunrise to sunset we were shooting & filming all day across various routes. Take a look at our Drone Photography & Video page

bike & cycle wear location video, aerial view of cyclists on the road

From shooting to editing, Capture Factory have you covered

No matter what kind of shoot or service you book with us, we do everything in-house. From styling, sourcing models, photography, filming and editing, you’ll always have constant communication with us and can speak to your shooter directly. This means you’ll always get the images and footage you’re completely happy with!

bike & cycle wear location video, man with bicycle and car on a sunny day

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You might want to have a look at our Portfolio in order to find out more.

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Behind the scenes at Capture Factory, Sussex photography

Sussex photography, behind the scenes at Capture Factory!

If you’ve been to our Sussex photography studio for a shoot before, you’ll know we cover a wide variety of shoots. You will have experienced some behind the scenes action too! Here’s a little insight into what happens in creating the shiny finished images you see on our website…

Cycle video for ‘cooling’ t-shirt

Here Rory’s using liquid nitrogen to create an effect for this t-shirt that has a cooling effect when you run. This was for a video that we created for our client, you can see the video here: Cooling T-Shirt Video

Cycle wear behind the scenes, Capture Factory Brighton,fashion photographer, sussex photographer, london photography studio

Prepping for a GIF

Capture Factory can do many other things including photography such as creating fun GIFs. These are great for adding interest to emails, using on social media or having on your website. The creative possibilities are endless too with GIFs! Take a look at our stop motion animation page to find out what’s available with moving image at Capture Factory: Stop Motion Animation

Behind the scenes at Capture Factory, Brighton, fashion photographer, product photographer, sussex photographer, London


We use the latest equipment available and are always updating it. Included in our gear are Nikon d810 camera bodies, Elinchrom ELC flash heads and the highest spec Apple computers. The most recent addition to our equipment is the drone. Head photographer Rory has passed the PFCO certificate and qualified to do drone photography for commercial purposes. This is great news because it opens up a whole other spectrum with what we can offer!

Behind the scenes, Capture Factory Brighton studio, product photographer, london photography studio, sussex

Building sets

We can create any scene and desired effect in our studio, from using the right lights to building a scene such as this woodland set.Capture Factory Brighton photography building the scene, sussex, product photographer, fashion photography, london photography studio,

Model shoots

If you’re looking to have your products photographed on a model, be that clothes, jewellery or accessories we can give you guidance on where to find amazing models. From finding the model to make up artists, we have plenty of contacts we can help you with. Model shoots don’t just have to be in our studio, we can go on location too if you have a spot in mind! Take a look at model shoot  page here: Model Photoshoots
Model shot behind the scenes, Capture Factory Brighton. fashion photographer, sussex photographer, london photography studio

If you like what you’ve seen and are feeling inspired, give us a call and chat to one of our friendly staff about a photoshoot with us!

For more information

You might want to have a look at our portfolio in order to find out more.

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Ice Ice Baby! Special shoot for a high end urban apparel

How it all began

One Wednesday afternoon we were busy editing our latest batch of images when the phone rang. On the other end of the line was a guy with a thick London accent. He said he came across our photography work online and really liked our imagery.

Always open to a bit of flattery, we peeled ourselves away from the computer to bask in the praise that was being offered.

He went on to say that he is a new business owner and he’s looking to launch a range of high quality snap-back baseball caps and wanted to know how much we’d charge to shoot his products.
Always pleased to work with new up and coming brands we, as usual we offered a competitive rate and offered beat the price of any photography studio offering the same service.
We asked a bit more about what he was trying to achieve with the creative fashion shoot and what kind of look he was going for. He described the brand as high end urban apparel with a focus on quality and style. We discussed a few options and then something remarkable happened. We asked the brand name and he replied “Frozen Ice”. This had our cogs going immediately and we asked to call him back with some suggestions.

Brain wave

Mikey and Ruby brainstormed a couple of ideas and discussed how to execute the shoot. We thought about maybe having a model shoot in a tattoo studio and visited a few local parlours to scope out potential locations. This seemed like a great idea and the wheels were in motion for an exciting photography shoot on location with beautiful alternative models and big, burly tattooed fellas. We were all set to go ahead when photographer and creative director Rory stopped us in our tracks and said two words….

“Dry Ice”.


Well, now: Ice Ice Baby!

…still being kids at heart and loving the idea of experimenting, we changed tack and ordered some. A polystyrene container covered in warning labels arrived at our studio and our eyes lit up.

As Capture Factory is a registered member from Nikon Professional Service, we used our top quality cameras and lighting systems. And that’s what turned out to be one of the most amusing afternoons we’ve ever had in the studio.

Using dry ice for product photography was exciting and amusing. Rory and Mikey swiftly regressed into giggling messes while pouring vapour over a carefully arranged pyramid of baseball caps.

The end of the story

In conclusion, the finished results look incredible and gave a dramatic, dynamic effect that made the products really shine.

The client was just super happy and our team was proud to show our creativity and skill!

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Brand New 360 Photography Turntable at the Capture Factory

360 photography turntable

Every photographer loves getting new toys and this week it felt as if christmas and birthday came at once! A brand new 360 photography turntable arrived in the studio. Of course everyone had all sorts of fun playing around with it. From posh pyjamas to pugs, we’ve been shooting everything!

360 photography turntable

Image from:


The turntable allows us to shoot between four and two hundred images per rotation, against a number of different colour backgrounds and with the high zoom feature. As a result, we can bring out every single detail of the product.

However, it hasn’t all been just fun and games with the turntable. We already used it numerous times in shoots for clients. We have shot all kinds of products: shoes, cosmetics, handbags…

That is to say: this new turntable has really hit the ground spinning!

Our regular clients loved our new 360 photography and video services. Being able to view products from all sorts of different angles really opens up some exciting possibilities for both retailers and customers. In a world increasingly driven towards online shopping, customers are always after a more tactile and innovative way to browse products and this 360 photography service can offer just that.


360 Videos are fully customisable, with a huge amount of options!


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Wacom Inkling review from Capture Factory

Why Wacom Inkling?

My wife, apart from being our head stylist, blogger, web-designer and all round wonder woman, also relishes illustrating. What she doesn’t like doing is scanning her work into her computer, hence, this is where the Wacom inkling comes in.


In a nutshell the Inkling is a biro pen which, whilst your drawing, records all the movements and replicates it onscreen when uploaded. Why not just use a normal tablet like the incredible Intuos 4 which we already use in our Brighton photography studio?


Well, there a few reasons:

1)The original artwork is still there in tangible form as you can draw in your favourite notepad

2)We loved the ‘feel’ of using a ‘proper’ pen over a standard tablet stylus

3)It’s highly portable. The system is wireless apart from uploading the pen information. Do it on the train, plane or back of an automobile.


Image source

How it works

So how exactly does it work? Well, like all Wacom products, it is incredibly well thought out. The pen, receiver unit, wire and replacement biro nips all fit in a neat black container the size of a small pencil case. Uploading the software is a relatively easy process. To get going, slip the receiver unit over your paper and just get drawing. It records each stoke, and even the pressure you use. You can even divide your illustration into layers. For example – drawing a face can be separated into hair, nose, eye, lips etc. All by pressing the layer button on the receiver. Throw these files into photoshop and it is a real time saver, especially if you’re like my wife, and like deconstructing images.


What are the results? Well excellent, it is comfortable and easy to use. You draw and it records 99% accurately. If the receiver is knocked it can affect the end result. Also, you have to be aware of your finger position on the pen as the infra-red signal can be blocked. In reality, this was not an issue and all the images came out perfectly. What it doesn’t like doing is replicating writing, but it was never designed for this so no loss. Another small issue is the software that comes with the Inkling, not the most user friendly but nothing disastrous either.


Overall a great tool that allows you to keep the original image whilst digitalising your work with little effort. Good job Wacom. 🙂

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