Christmas lifestyle photography at Capture Factory

Christmas lifestyle photography, aprons, baby grow and present sack

Capture Factory shoot Christmas lifestyle photography

Christmas lifestyle photography is something Capture Factory love doing! It’s usually done quite ahead of the festive season so that our clients have the photos all ready to add to their website before the height of the shopping season. These photos were taken for one of our favourite clients that design personalised gifts such as homewares and baby clothes. We look forward to when they come to the studio because there are so many lovely things to photograph and we can get creative with them.

Christmas lifestyle photography, white baby grow with snowflake print and props

Creative and fun

Lifestyle shoots are usually overseen by our clients, this is so they can make sure the styling is how they envision. Often our clients will bring along a selection of props they feel will be suitable for the shoot, sometimes we are asked to source the props for them by our in-house stylist. This can be anything from finding the perfect paper or foliage and going into town to collect them, to scouting out the best stone backdrops to be used for a more natural look perhaps with jewellery for example.

Christmas lifestyle photography, grey and red kitchen aprons with food props

Why lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is kind of in the name, it’s styling the products to help people imagine the objects in their life. So you might put the items into context like the above image which has kitchen aprons surrounded by tasty ingredients. Or the photo below where a cosy scene has been created to give the feel of a warm Christmas fireplace with a personalised sack of presents waiting to be opened by Olivia!

Christmas lifestyle photography, sack of presents with fur rug and gifts

Want to try some lifestyle photography?

If you think your business could benefit from some lifestyle imagery to add some interest, why not give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff about your ideas.

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