Cyclewear photography at Capture Factory Brighton

Cyclewear photography, cyclist wearing blue lycra top and hat

Cyclewear photography at our Brighton HQ

Our head photographer Rory worked on some cyclewear photography recently. Our client wanted the prints and colours in the garments to be used as the background of the images and it worked really well. Take a look at how they turned out here.

Cyclewear photography, male cyclist wearing black lycra top, hat and gloves

Fun colours and cool prints

These colours and prints work really well together when they’re sitting side by side. The images look great on our clients social media platforms and their website. It was all photographed at our Brighton studio by the sea. Many of our shoots are photographed here at the Capture Factory HQ, so if you ever pop in you’ll probably see our photographers in action!

Cyclewear photography, female model wears pink cycling top, hat and gloves

Model shots & invisible mannequin for their online shop

For this shoot our client had already sent the garments in the post so we could photograph their invisible mannequin shots before the model shoot. This is a really popular way a lot of our clients like to work when they book model shoots with us, it’s so that the invisible mannequin images are edited and ready shortly after the model shoot, then they can upload the images at the same time onto their website.

Check out our invisible mannequin photography page for more information about it

Cyclewear photography, women's black and white printed cyclewear

Add some excitement to your website

While we do a lot of stills photography at Capture Factory we do also plenty of moving image such as 360 videos, promotional video material, stop motion animations and GIFS. Moving image is a fantastic way to engage with your customers, it keeps them on you site for longer and you can portray a lot of information in a video.

Take a look at our Stop Motion & Video Production page to find out more

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