Fashion catwalk videos for online shopping

Fashion catwalk videos, beaded evening dresses in blue and black worn by a female model

Capture Factory shoot a range of fashion catwalk videos

Online shopping now has a whole new experience with fashion catwalk videos. ASOS were the first leading retailers to start this trend, and since it’s been a hit for customers, this is because it shows off the garment in a whole new way. For example you can see the way the fabric flows while the model is walking, you can see the length of the clothing, and how it might fit your body shape. Last month we shot a collection of catwalk videos alongside model photography and invisible mannequin

Photography & video in one

Our client had a specific backdrop in mind, so we helped source this and it worked perfectly. It added some more character to the videos without distracting from the clothing. We had two set ups in the studio, one for taking the catwalk videos and then when this was finished we’d change the lighting and photograph the model of still photography. We had already taken their invisible mannequin and accessory shots, so these were being edited while the shoot was happening by our team of retouchers.

Fashion catwalk videos, blue long layered and beaded dress worn by a female model

Some light re-touching then they’re ready to send

After the shoot, some light retouching was involved just to simply remove marks on the floor, soften the skin slightly and any noticeable creases in the garments were removed, then everything was sent off to our client web-ready for them to upload and share straight away. Capture Factory has a 72 hour turn around so there’s no waiting, and if you need your photos sooner, there’s the Capture Priority which is a 24 hour turn around!

Fashion catwalk videos, beaded black and silver short dress worn by model

Want to add catwalk videos to your website?

If you’re looking to add these fantastic catwalk videos to your business, give us a call or drop us an email to chat about your ideas, we’d love to hear them! We  also shoot promo videos where we can use our 4K drone for aerial and panoramic shots. Check out our Drone Showreel here. Or if you’re looking to have some fun Gifs we can create a stop motion animations to show off your products in a playful way, perfect for Instagram.

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