Sussex fashion photography studio shoots retro dresses

Sussex fashion photography showin three retro style graphic printed dresses with illustrations of roller discos, rainbows and comic books

Sussex fashion photography studio shoots fun men’s & womenswear

Recently in our Sussex fashion photography studio, Capture Factory, we’ve had some fun retro dresses and cool t-shirts to shoot for a local client. They are Brighton based, so basically on our doorstep and their shop has been a favourite for many residents and visitors alike. Their focus is on fun and quirky prints on timeless cuts of dresses inspired from the 40’s through to the 70’s.

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Quality fabrics

The fabrics are quality and everything is handmade in England. Recently they’ve expanded their shop and joint with their men’s wear branch just over the road. The men’s side has some really cool t-shirts with some great prints on them. Just take a look at a small collection we’ve picked out to share with you on our blog post.

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How we create invisible mannequin photography

First up, our client delivered their garments to our Brighton studio, we then unpack, prep and steam the items so they’re all ready for photographing. Next, we start dressing our mannequin, we have an excellent team at Capture Factory of photographers, stylists and re-touchers. Our stylist makes sure the garment looks great on the mannequin, so there aren’t any strange folds, everything is symmetrical and it looks as perfect as possible.

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Efficient, professional & friendly team

Then our photographer takes the necessary shots, some clients like a front, back & detail of each garment. Using industry standard software and an efficient workflow throughout the studio, these images are then instantly updated onto all of the Macs at Capture Factory, ready for our team to start working their re-touching magic. Re-touching can range from de-dusting, making the image symmetrical and perfect, colour adjustments and much more. They edited images are then ready for checking by one of the team before sending over to our client. Our workflow is efficient and precise, we always make sure to have the photographs ready to send within 72 hours.

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