Shooting lingerie ghost mannequin photography

lingerie ghost mannequin photography, black, red and pink underwear

Take a look at how we shoot lingerie ghost mannequin photography

We’ve been working on lingerie ghost mannequin photography (also known as invisible mannequin photography). Capture Factory Photography is one of the UK’s leading invisible mannequin photography studios creating unbeatable quality and consistency. Ghost/invisible mannequin photography is used to showcase clothing often alongside model shots, these are used across the board such as on the web and printed media such as look-books.

Excellent imagery with a quick turnaround

The process involves taking multiple shots which are edited together to create an image where it looks like the garments are being worn by an invisible mannequin. This is widely used because it’s clear and concise without any distractions. Our team of photographers, stylists and editors will create excellent imagery for you, we will prepare the garments and carefully steam them, then photograph and style the clothes to your specifications and once they’ve been shot our editing team will work their magic and make the images look perfect.

360 Photography

We also offer 360 photography this is where you can showcase your garments to your customers in a 360° rotaion, enabling the viewer to step inside the image and see it as if they’re actually with it! Take a look at out 360 Photography page here to find out more, or contact us for further details and a quote.

“Try before you buy”

Want to see how great your garments could look without spending a penny? Just send in a garment to the studio and we will prep, steam, style, shoot, edit and upload to you for free. You have nothing to loose and only flawless photography to gain!

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