360 Product Video at Capture Factory

360 Product Video at Capture Factory Brighton

360 Product Video at Capture Factory is a fantastic way for your customer to really engage with your product without the need to be with it. At Capture Factory Brighton we know just how to make your product really look its best, and what better way than to see it at every angle possible! We offer a highly professional service where you can showcase your products to your customers in a 360° angle!

This enables the viewer to step inside the image and see it as if they’re actually with it!

Profesional equipment

At Capture Factory Brighton, we’ve heavily invested in 360 degree product video technology allowing your customers to see more of your products with one click. We strive to bring the highest quality product photography which you can see from our Portfolio, at the most competitive price.

Location isn’t a problem!

Whether you’re in Brighton where our HQ is or as far field as Aberdeen, you can send your product to us for it to be photographed remotely. We will prepare, shoot & edit your product whilst sending you samples to oversee through email to ensure you get a finished product you are happy with. Our 360 set up is completely portable so we can come to you!

man photographing a bicycle in Brighton studio

Customisable 360 videos

Our 360 experience goes far and beyond, from photographing bicycles, people and jewellery. You name it, we’ve shot it! Capture Factory 360 Photography is fully customisable, with a huge amount of options. You can add many features to your 360 video from Hot Spots such as this image below to customisable backgrounds and additional details. This is a fantastic way for your customer to really engage with the product without the need to be with it, therefore minimising returns or exchanges in your business.

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