Merchandise photography in the Capture Factory studio

We did some merchandise photography

We had a very exciting time earlier this week when the heads of a very well-known racing track contacted us. They asked us to take images for some of their new merchandise.

At Capture Factory, we pride ourselves on being able to photograph anything and everything and this was no exception. The racing track have had their logo and designs printed on a number of different products and various garments.


Invisible mannequin

We have the highest quality mannequins here to help with the ease and speed of our shots. To get the highest quality to the images, these are always prepped and styled by our in-house stylists. After the shoot, we edit the shots while we make sure we only give the finest quality of service.

Merchandise shirt

Product shots

For the water bottles and other stand alone products we used one of our numerous stand alone camera set ups with a lighting soft box to get the perfect effect, we took the time to experiment with different surfaces and backgrounds and finally chose to photograph on a reflective surface to really make the product stand out. Our team was really happy with the results, what do you think?

Merchandise bottle

We have a very quick turnaround here at Capture Factory. We like to edit the photos straight away so we can send off the images to clients as soon as possible so that they can see the results of our product photography shoot.

The client was more than happy with the end results we will soon be shooting their entire merchandise collection for there website and other promotional photographs!


Invisible mannequin photography and product photography shots are requests that we receive nearly everyday from customers.

We like to offer free trials so potential clients can see the quality of our work. And once they do they are desperate to work with us!