Model fashion photoshoot for Brighton boutique

model fashion photoshoot, lady wearing three outfits

Capture Factory shoots a model fashion photoshoot

We’ve been working on a model fashion photoshoot at the studio earlier this summer. The seasons are changing, and with that comes a different wardrobe. This Brighton boutique we worked with has a great A/W collection and came to us for their new photography. We also shot their invisible mannequin photography along with a model shoot where they hired the studio for a day, and came in with their team and a model to wear the outfits.

model fashion photoshoot, female model wearing floral black dress

Creating original shots to attract customers

Every client varies their shot requirements and how they need them edited. As a standard most boutiques require a front, back and detail image for their invisible mannequin photography. This enables customers to clearly see what the garment looks like from varied angles, and the detail shot shows you the quality of the fabric and the print.

model fashion photoshoot, blue and white stripe long sleeve top

Customisable invisible mannequin

Invisible mannequin can also be edited onto a particular colour, some of our clients require a muted grey or a natural cream tone. And everybody requires a particular image size of which we will shoot and resize to their requirement. We then send both high res Tifs along with the resized Jpegs, so they are ready to upload online or onto social media, saving time for our clients.

model fashion photoshoot, navy jumper dress with coloured stripes

The variety of choice with model shoots

Model shoots can also really vary between each client, sometimes we shoot against white, grey or coloured backgrounds, we recently shot for a children’s fashion brand which had a red background which looked great and stood out, we’ll share those photos in a later blog post! Sometimes models need to be cropped up to their nose so their face isn’t recognisable, but it’s all dependent on the clients and what they want.

model fashion photoshoot, close up of tan skirt worn buy model

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