Stylish fashion photoshoot for British designer at Capture Factory

Stylish fashion photoshoot, models wearing stylish clothes

Stylish fashion photoshoot for British designer at Capture Factory

Capture Factory recently worked on a stylish fashion photoshoot for a designer that makes these timeless garments. Ranging from dresses, jeans, jumpers and tops, the fabrics are all made from quality materials and each piece is unique. Going against the throwaway time we’re living in, this brand wants to step away from that, and design clothes that will still be worn decades from now by creating well-made classic garments. Capture Factory photographed their recent collection for their online shop, we provided both the invisible mannequin photography and model shots.

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Stylish fashion photoshoot, model wearing black strapless Summer dress

Working with your branding

Capture Factory understand the importance of your brand’s aesthetic and continuity with your photography, so when it comes to working with us we’re more than happy to follow any specific styling and shooting requirements you might have. You might think invisible mannequin photography is the same for each brand but actually each company we work with has their own requirements with how they like their garments to sit on the mannequin and to be edited, this is so their images fit nicely together on their website making the user experience a lot easier.

Stylish fashion photoshoot, female model wears blue and white linen top

Help finding a model

For this shoot our client already knew which model she was going to use for the shoot, but if you need a helping hand with finding the right model for you brand we can help source one for you. We can also point you in the right direction to a number of modelling agencies we work with and that we always recommend to our clients. It doesn’t stop there either, we can book a make up artist for you too and scout out the right location for your shoot if you wanted to take it out of the studio!

Stylish fashion photoshoot, female model wearing pink culottes and grey shirt

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