UK invisible mannequin fashion photography

must have accessories, photography studio Brighton triple mannequin photography showing a red romper, white dress and green bikini all with tropical floral prints

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography for e-comm

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography is an area that Capture Factory specialise in. Being one of the leading invisible mannequin photography studios in the country we work with many clients from as near as Brighton to as far afield as Scotland. For many years now we’ve been providing high quality invisible mannequin (or ghost mannequin) imagery for hundreds of boutiques, fashion houses, designers and high street shops nationally.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, Brighton photography & video, invisible mannequin photography of black lingerie

Prepping, photography & editing to create the perfect image

Our expert team of photographers, stylists and editors are at hand for every shoot, we’ll always prep the garments by carefully steaming them so they look perfect before our stylist dresses the mannequin, the garment is then photographed with the correct lighting and processed using industry standard software to be handed over to our in-house editors to colour correct, de-dust, cut, flip and work their Photoshop magic to create the perfect image of the garment.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, Invisible mannequin winter fashion photography, tan coat, grey cape and parka

Excellent quality control

Quality control is very important to us at Capture Factory, we understand how essential consistency and continuity is for your business’ image. We always make sure the images will look their absolute best when placed next to each other on your website so it flows smoothly on the eye thus creating a better shopping experience for your customer. Our excellent high standards are always met for every image.

UK invisible mannequin fashion photography, UK Commercial photography studio, invisible mannequin photography of cycling wear

360 fashion photography

Give your customers an online shopping experience like no other with our 360 photography service! This is an excellent way for your garment to be seen at every angle possible letting your customers feel like they’re really with it. Our 360 photography page will give you all the information you need to know regarding this innovative photography service.

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