5 reasons why professional photography is important for your business

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Why having professional photography is important for your business

Many people don’t realise how important investing in professional photography is for your business. We have many clients who have come to Capture Factory after trying to do it themselves and soon realised it can be a lot harder than you might think to achieve the quality you’re after. Whether it’s the equipment available to you or the knowledge of how to use it, or if it’s down to the styling to fit your vision, a professional photographer will be able to help in these areas. We explore 5 reasons why professional photography is so important for your business:

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1. Standing out from the crowd

There’s an abundance of websites and businesses out there, some of which may be offering a service like yours so you’ll really want to stand out from the crowd. What better way to entice people to yours than with visuals. Beautifully striking photography with styling that suits your vision will strengthen your brand and online presence.

2. Getting found on the web

Photography can really help you get found through Google searches. You can optimize your photos on your website so they can be found through the image search results and perform better on search engines.

3. Engaging with your customers

Letting people who’d like to know more about your business and photography is an excellent way to engage with your customers. Photos of your products, behind the scenes, models wearing your clothing or jewellery, location shoots and packshots are all ways to show your customers more about your business. Photos can help you build your brand on social media and be featured on blog posts, all of which help you build a relationship with your customers.

4. Saving you and your business time

Many magazines and brochures be that online or printed require a certain quality of image which professional photography will always match and exceed. It saves you time by hiring a professional photographer because you’re handing the job over to them. While they’re photographing, you can be getting on with other aspects of your business, your photographer will know the specs needed and will always provide sharp and eye catching imagery that are ready to use online or send to publishers.

5. First impressions

It might be tempting to take photos yourself or find alternatives to hiring a photographer, but if your photos are unprofessional and don’t represent your brand this will reflect your business. It can tell your customers other aspects of your business may be unprofessional too. Your photography will be the first thing people see when looking at your website or social media, so make a good first impression!

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Still not sure? Try out our free trial & see how good professional photography really is for your business.

If you’re still not convinced about investing in professional photography, how about trying our Free Photography Trial. This is an excellent way to see what Capture Factory can do for your business. Simply send us a product in the post and we’ll prep, style, shoot & edit to your requirements. We’ll then send you over the watermarked samples so you can get an idea of what we can do and choose if you want to go ahead with booking a shoot.

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