Children’s & Baby Clothes Photography

Children's & Baby Clothes Photography, baby grows with sweets prints hanging from a shelf with jars of confectionary

Children’s & Baby Clothes Photography at Capture Factory

Children’s & Baby Clothes Photography is something we do lot at our studio. From shoes, bibs, baby grows, little hats, you name it we’ve shot it!

Packshot or lifestyle photography

We offer a variety of services, such pack-shot imagery, which is the product against a white background. This can be either laid out flat, dressed on a mannequin which we’d edit out (see more about Invisible Mannequin photography), or some people like the items to be styled on hangers.

Photos that tell a story

We also shoot a lot of lifestyle photoshoots, these can vary in either the product being styled with props to tell a story, or for them to be worn by little ones themselves! We’re used to having baby’s and children at our studio, we’ve been known to have 20 at a time!

We’d love to hear your ideas!

For the ‘modelled’ shots, there are so many options available, from a simple back drop to a built scene, do call us so we can chat about your ideas! 01273 958464 /

Fast turnaround & excellent service

Our turnaround is super fast and with head photographer, Rory, being in the industry for over 20 years you’re sure to have quality & efficient service with us at Capture Factory!

Location not a problem

We’re based in Brighton, but love a trip, so if you have a location in mind let us know, we’d love to hear!

Video & 360 Photography

We also offer videos & can make GIFs if you require any, these are great for online use such as social media, your website or adding a little bit of movement to emails. Our 360 Photography service is a fantastic way to let your customers see your products at every angle possible! Check out our 360 Photography post.

For more information

You might want to have a look at our Invisible Mannequin page in order to find out more.

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For a quote or to talk through your project call our Brighton studio on: 01273 958464