Jewellery photoshoot Brighton studio

Jewellery photoshoot Brighton studio, Photography Brighton, two female models holding clipboards, wearing jewellery and white coats with fresh flowers

Jewellery photoshoot Brighton studio

Take a look at our recent Jewellery photoshoot Brighton studio. We had a lot of fun on this! This one was with a regular client of ours and she needed so promo imagery for a new range of jewellery.

Modelled shots

First up was to photograph the models wearing some of the products. There were some great prints that worked perfectly as a backdrop, so we used that for one of the models to stand in front of to show off the jewellery, scarves and homeware.

Lifestyle garden show

Then there was the themed image, where for this, the new collection our client was launching was based around gardening. So she wanted the set up to resemble a garden show competition, which you can see in this photo below.

Jewellery packshots

Finally we shot the jewellery as ‘pack shots’ for the online shop. These are photographed against a white background. Our editing team work their magic to create images that are perfect for customers to see the product clearly.

Fast turnaround & excellent service

Our turnaround is super fast and with head photographer, Rory, being in the industry for over 20 years you’re sure to have quality & efficient service with us at Capture Factory!

Video & 360 Photography

We also offer videos & can make GIFs if you require any, these are great for online use such as social media, your website or adding a little bit of movement to emails. Our 360 Photography service is a fantastic way to let your customers see your products at every angle possible! Check out our 360 Photography post.

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