UK jewellery photographer

UK jewellery photographer, rose gold, silver and gold jewellery items

UK jewellery photographer

If you’re looking for a UK jewellery photographer then Capture Factory is the studio for you. Jewellery photography requires specific skills and equipment to gain the high standard and professional imagery needed to show the items off at their best. With the expertise knowledge, years of experience and high-end equipment Capture Factory Photography can create stunning imagery of any kind of jewellery. Our prices are competitive and always kept as low as possible, there’s a high level of work involved such as focus stacking, colour manipulation, using the correct equipment such as tilt shift lenses and having the eye for producing great quality imagery.

Where can the images be used

Anywhere! The images Capture Factory have worked on will have appeared in numerous places such as magazines, websites, posters and social media. We can also create moving image content such as videos, stop motion animation and Gifs. Our 360 Photography service is perfect for jewellery because if enables customers to see the piece at every angle possible.

No middle man

Everything is done at our Brighton HQ from the styling, photography & editing, so if our clients have any questions or queries they can speak directly to their photographer or editor. After we send the final edits through we’re more than happy to make any further adjustments, tweaks or colour changes if this is required – we’re not happy until our client is happy!

Jewellery photography with a model

As well as creating professional product photography of jewellery Capture Factory often work on model shoots, these images are great for customers to visualise how the jewellery will sit on the body, they’re also beautiful images to add to websites, use in pricing catalogues and share on social media.

UK jewellery photographer, Jewellery e-commerce photography shoot for Amazon showing a headshot of a female model wearing silver earrings

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Take a look this blog post about a model jewellery photoshoot at the studio

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